BREKKY MENU (Early until 3pm)
Brekky roll with egg, bacon, aioli & relish 11
Sourdough or fruit loaf with your choice of spread 7/8
House made natural muesli with fresh fruit, greek yoghurt & your choice of milk 14
Mango chia pudding w/ buckwheat granola & fresh blueberries (vegan & GF) 16
Poached, Scrambled or Fried free range eggs & Istra bacon on toasted sourdough w/ house tomato relish 15
(optional extras inc. avocado, mushrooms, spinach & tomatoes) variable
Persian eggs w/ poached eggs, spinach, Meredith goats cheese, & house made dukkah on seedy sourdough 16
Corn & zucchini fritters w/green goddess sauce, 2 poached eggs & a salad of spinach, apple, capers & dill (smoked salmon optional) 19/24
Waffle w/ lard ass butter & real maple syrup & fresh strawberries 11
GO! Mexican nourish bowl w/ avocado, spiced sweet potato, coriander, quinoa & bean salad & house pickled red cabbage (vegan & GF) 16
Scottish kippers w/ seedy sourdough, cherry tomatoes, coriander, radish, butter & a poached egg 17.5
LUNCH MENU (12noon until 3pm)
GO!’s Paninis
#1 Chicken, ratatouille, basil pesto & mozzarella 12.5
#2 Pulled lamb, minted feta, fresh tomato, spinach, grilled zucchini 12.5
Spinach & fetta borek or Turkish lamb pizza both with an ancient grain salad, cumin yoghurt & carrot relish 13/15
Minestrone w/ silverbeet, borlotti beans & root veggies w/ fresh bread (vegan, GF optional) 13
Green falafel w/ roasted veg & cous cous salad w/ carrot relish & hummus (vegan) 16
Spicy beef & potato massaman curry w/ flatbread & yoghurt 16.5
Lamb kofta w/ shakshuka sauce w/ minted yoghurt,    spinach & peas & toasted sourdough for mopping 18
Have a peek at our specials board & deli fridge for seasonal specialties

Proud Mary Coffee 4/4.6
Espresso 3.2
Piccolo café latte 4
Filter coffee/Cold Brew coffee 4.5
Hot chocolate 4.6
Ginger, pear & lime hot tonic 4.5
Soy milk/double shot/mocha/extras @ 0.5
Almond milk 1
Baby cino (50c goes to the Geelong Hospital Children’s Ward) 1.5
Loose leaf tea served in the pot – ask staff for options 4
Milk shakes – chocolate, caramel, vanilla, strawberry or banana 6
Chai latte (Calmer Sutra chai) – brewed in the pot with local honey 4.5
Dirty chai latte, an espresso shot added to the chai brew 6
Iced coffee/Iced chocolate 5.5
Freshly squeezed orange juice 6.5
Softies & juices from 3
GO! smoothies (check out front boards) 8.5
BOOZE (from 7:30am, ask our friendly staff)