Vegan Lasagne

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Enjoy a meat free night and try our  yummy vegan lasagne! Match with one of our salads.


Once defrosted use within 5 days. If kept frozen use within 3 months.

Heating & serving instructions:
Once defrosted, remove lid, cover with foil, warm in a pre-heated oven @ 160degrees for 20-40mins (depending on size) then  remove foil for the last 5 mins and let the top of the lasagne go golden. Enjoy with a GO! salad.

Ingredients: Lasagne sheets, pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, bechamel, vegan cheese, pesto & sugo. (Bechamel: Flour, olive oil, coconut cream, nutritional yeast. Pesto: Basil, cashews, spinach, nutritional yeast, garlic & lemon. Sugo: Capsicum, tomato & onion)


Oven Proof compostable tray just remove the lid and put straight in the oven


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